Portland Jewish Academy is a beneficiary agency of the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland and is proud of our partnership with them in strengthening our local Jewish community as well as the global community.










About Us

PJA Proud

Portland Jewish Academy was established on the premise that the community needed a Jewish community day school with a truly superior academic education, built on years of Jewish tradition and values, but representative of the whole Jewish community. More than ever this holds true today. Academically, PJA is a power house. Our graduates are proof of this, from their performance in the areas best high schools to their acceptance at prestigious colleges and universities from across the country. Our students, parents and staff represent the diversity of Portland's Jewish and non-Jewish community and are inclusive of all family types. We are all proud to be part of the PJA community. PJA is NWAIS accredited.

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Our Mission

As a Jewish day school, we strive to ensure an academically rich environment which honors the whole child. Portland Jewish Academy nurtures and inspires Jewish engagement, kavod/respect, and responsibility for the world in which we live.


Our Middot - (Core Values)

לימוד Limmud – Study

“Delve into it and continue to delve into it, for everything is in it.” (Pirkei Avot 5:26)
PJA believes in education for the whole child and supports multiple approaches to learning. Love of life, Judaism, and learning are integrated into all aspects of our school community.

כבוד Kavod – Respect

“Who is worthy of honor? One who honors all of creation.” (Avot 4:01)
As a community we learn to treat ourselves, others and the world with dignity and respect.

אחריות Akhrayut – Responsibility

“The day is short, the work is great. You are not expected to finish the work, but you are not free to desist.” (Pirkei Avot 2:20-21)
At PJA, we are guided and inspired to take responsibility for the world in which we live. Through acts of Chesed - kindness, and Tikkun Olam - repairing the world, we see ourselves as agents of change who can achieve social justice and pursue peace.


קהילה Kehillah – Community

“Bless all of us as one in Your light.” (Amidah prayer)
Jewish learning and engagement enhances our participation in a variety of communities, and encourages a sense of belonging and connectedness.


הודיה Hodayah – Appreciation

“We gratefully thank you, God, for You have returned our souls within us with compassion.”
(Modeh Ani prayer)

Our PJA community nurtures a sense of appreciation and gratitude for the world around us, inspired by Jewish thought and learning.

זהות Zehut – Identity

“Beloved is the person created in God’s image.” (Avot 3:14)
Our middot serve as a foundation to form and build identity, both as a school and as individuals. We seize the opportunity to explore who we are, what we stand for and what we believe.


NWAIS Accredited

Portland Jewish Academy is proud to be accredited by the Northwest Association of Independent Schools. The rigorous accreditation process involves reflecting on our school mission and program, ensuring the viability of our school, and planning, strategically, for the future. Every eight years, we undertake a comprehensive self study process. Over the course of a year or two, we reflect upon our strengths and priorities, identify opportunities for growth, and update our strategic plan. This process is collaborative and inclusive, and we solicit input from every constituency at our school.

Following the completion of the self study, a team of administrators and teachers visit our school. They provide a valuable outside perspective as they consider how we live our mission and how closely our program is aligned with the standards of NWAIS. Ultimately, these independent school professional complete a report that ensures ongoing school improvement and accountability.

As an NWAIS member school, we subscribe to the following Statement on Student and School Safety adopted by the National Association of Independent Schools:

Students have a right to learn without fear. Learning in a safe and healthy environment is a foundational requirement for a successful education. Yet in communities across the country, the fundamental promise to protect students has been fractured by gun violence. This must change.

As a national education association, NAIS empowers independent schools and the students they serve. The schools that belong to NAIS teach students to become informed and engaged citizens who contribute to their communities and to the larger society. As the nation considers how best to protect children, NAIS urges elected officials to take meaningful legislative and regulatory action now to support the safety and well-being of children. We also urge officials to listen to our students as they advocate for systemic change.

This is a problem that we can solve. The issues involved are complex, and many people have deeply held views on how to best address the challenge. But we must get started and refuse to let the complexities paralyze us. Only by working together can our nation’s leaders, our schools, and our students bring about the change that’s so vital to a secure future.


PJA may look small from the front, but once you're inside you see how vast our facilities are--over 80,000 square feet. There’s plenty of room for kids to grow during their years at PJA and explore everything we have to offer.

PJA has modern classrooms, playing fields, and three separate playgrounds.

Over the summer and fall of 2017, PJA transformed a number of spaces to better support the collaborative and project-based learning we do. The heart of our school is the Learning Commons, which combines our library with technology stations and soft-seating areas for students and faculty to gather and learn together. We have a music room, two art studios and a Maker Space with problem-solving tools that our students use, whether building wood structures or creating electronic and digital circuitry. Our Beit Medrash is a lovely spiritual gathering space and place of study, housing PJA’s Jewish learning collection. We also have a culinary classroom, where students learn cooking skills, using fresh vegetables from PJA’s garden.

PJA is proud of student accomplishments and we show it. We have project bulletin boards in the hallways, art hanging in many places, news bulletins and kudos posted throughout our building to show our entire community the great things our students are doing.

Portland Jewish Academy shares a building and campus with the Mittleman Jewish Community Center. As a result, PJA has access to spaces many schools may not have.

PJA Physical Education classes from preschool through the 8th grade often use the MJCC's well-appointed facilities including the gym, Sportsplex, and pool. In the gym the kids play basketball, floor hockey, tennis, and assorted games. In the Sportsplex, soccer and gymnastics are king. In the MJCC pool, middle school students can participate in a swimming exploratory.

Our school assemblies are held in the fully appointed MJCC ballroom, complete with stage, sound system, audio-visual capabilities and large viewing screens. Israeli Dance often happens in the ballroom so the children have room to spread out and have fun while dancing.

After school, PJA students can take advantage of all the MJCC has to offer. Whether it’s sports, art, dance, or swim, the MJCC has a wide variety of activities for the after school hours.

To visit the MJCC web site, click here.