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Meet Our Alumni



“PJA prepared me to be an independent thinker, while simultaneously teaching me the value of community. This allowed me to build strong friendships with both teachers and students in middle school, which I also carried over into my high school education.” - Nathan Gruenberg, Class of 2009

"PJA was a big part of the reason that I was able to successfully attend Riverdale High School. At PJA, the teachers were always supportive, helpful, and gave great guidance. Without PJA and their incredible faculty, I not only wouldn't have the great memories I made there, but I wouldn't be as successful or independent in school. " - Maya Hendin, Class of 2009

“At PJA I learned how to effectively communicate - verbally and in written form. I am so glad I received a Jewish foundation at PJA.” - Sam Rosenberg, Class of 2009