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When Adar Begins, Joy Increases
Sarah Glass

In addition to being the first big snowfall of the year, last Friday was also Rosh Hodesh Adar - the first day of the Hebrew month of Adar. The Talmud assures us that Adar will bring happiness: “When [the month of] Adar enters, we increase our joy (Talmud Bavli Ta’anit 29a).”

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Monday Morning
Amy Katz

One of my favorite parts of the PJA week before Covid was Monday mornings. Every Monday at 8:00 am our entire middle school community of students and teachers gathered together for tefilah before the work of learning, teaching, classes, homework, sports practice and other stresses of the week could take hold.

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The Sukkah As Our (CHANUKAH) Shelter... and More
Merrill Hendin

If you have come to the Schnitzer Family Campus lately, you may have noticed that the sukkah in the MJCC courtyard is still up. If you are a PJA family, you may have had your child come home from an in-person gathering and tell you that they spent time in the sukkah.

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Festival of Lights
Steve Albert

According to Google, there are 16 ways to spell Hanukkah. Most involve various combinations
of “k’s” and “h’s,” along with the optional “C” at the beginning, but there are some more unusual
options like “Xanuka” and “Chanuga.”

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Trail Visit
Kim Krikorian

Like many things, Early Childhood classrooms look very different this year. We cherish every moment of childhood, wonder, and community. Here at PJA we are doing our best to be an extension of your village, your family, and your safe haven.

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We Love Holidays at PJA!
Amy Katz

At PJA we love celebrating holidays!  We dress up on Purim and enjoy a carnival and a hilarious student shpiel (play). Every day during Hanukkah we light candles together during carpool, and enjoy the lingering smell of oil in the hallways knowing every class has taken their turn making latkes. One of the most challenging aspects of virtual learning is transferring our beloved holiday traditions into a virtual world. 

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Back to School, In a Different Sort of Way
Steve Albert

The start of the new school year is among my very favorite times of year, and this year is no different. However, the expression “back to school” sounds rather odd this year. When we talk about going “back to school,” we usually think about returning. Returning to a space that is familiar.

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A Focus on Mindfulness
Allison Hernandez

In reflecting on our current landscape, the word juxtaposition comes to mind.  While many of us may feel stagnant in our day-to-day routines, we are surrounded by polarity.

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