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Featured Blog Post

Heroes Work Here
By Amy Katz

Usually the first week back after Winter Break is full of taller students in new shoes, well rested teachers eager to get back to the work of educating their students, new projects, and stories of vacations. While it can be difficult to get back into the regular routine of school, for most teachers and students the first week after Winter Break is usually one filled with learning and a renewed sense of commitment and enthusiasm around all of the joy school has to offer. 

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Past Blogs

Partners in Safety
By Steve Albert

One of the biggest shifts that has taken place at Jewish schools and organizations during the pandemic is the focus of conversations around campus safety. Since the start of the pandemic, discussions have shifted somewhat away from security matters to those connected to personal health and mitigating transmission of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

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The Battle
Kim Krikorian

After over 25 years of working in Early Childhood classrooms as a teacher, this year is my first year in an administrative position. I am eternally grateful for what O-5 year old children have taught me about, being a friend, building community, creating inclusive spaces, and how to be a leader.

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High School Information Night
Sarah Glass

PJA’s Kehillah Organization recently hosted our annual High School Information Night (formerly known as High School 411). This is one of my favorite activities of the year!

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Return on Investment
By Sean Bartlett

“For every dollar Oregon invests in afterschool programs, $4.60 is returned to our state through reduced drug and alcohol addiction, increased graduation rates, reduced crime rates, and lower healthcare costs due to increased physical activity.” Afterschool in Oregon Return on Investment Study - March 2021.

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School is Back!
By Steve Albert

The first week of school was a delightful week! On Monday, our Early Childhood program opened for the new school year, welcoming about 125 infant, toddler and preschool children into our classrooms. On Tuesday, our Day School opened, with 185 students attending school, in person, all day, every day. The excitement was palpable...

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Mazel Tov 8th Graders!
Merrill Hendin

MAZAL TOV to the class of 2021 and to their families! On Wednesday evening, June 9, we had a true Shehechaynu moment. We gathered together, under one roof, one LARGE tent, to celebrate our wonderful 8th grade graduates. We have not been able to be under one roof together for the past 15 months.  What a time to mark for all of us.

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Amy Katz

The first day I ever worked at PJA was in 2009 and it was as a substitute teacher. I was subbing for the middle school Hebrew teacher, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I was nervous. Although I was a veteran teacher with strong Hebrew skills I hadn’t stood in front of a group of students that age and spoken to them in Hebrew for many years.

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My Crystal Ball
Steve Albert

In recent days and weeks, I’ve been asked a great deal about my thoughts on what school will look like next fall. On the one hand, circumstances and guidelines change so rapidly that it’s nearly impossible to predict what might happen in even a week or two.

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When Adar Begins, Joy Increases
Sarah Glass

In addition to being the first big snowfall of the year, last Friday was also Rosh Hodesh Adar - the first day of the Hebrew month of Adar. The Talmud assures us that Adar will bring happiness: “When [the month of] Adar enters, we increase our joy (Talmud Bavli Ta’anit 29a).”

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