Cookie Orders

It’s a rare cookie that’s been featured in Fast Company. Find out why.

To help fund their trip to Israel, PJA’s 8th graders are selling “fully functional,” soft-baked cookies that have been a favorite of Museum of Natural History visitors, Google employees and Barnes & Noble College Bookstore customers. The Cookie Department’s rave-reviewed, delicious gourmet cookies are kosher-certified, made with all-natural ingredients and specially packaged so that they can be stored for months until just the right bike ride, hike, morning rush to school or afternoon snack.

Choose from the following:

CHOCOLATE CHIP NOOKIE - Classic Chocolate Chip with Maca
Grown in the mountains of Peru, nutrient-rich Maca root lends the Chocolate Chip Nookie its distinctive rich and malty flavor which pairs perfectly with semi-sweet chocolate chips and pure vanilla extract for a taste you’re sure to adore.

AWAKEN BAKED - Double Chocolate Chip Coffee
This decadent-tasting, double chocolate chip cookie contains 40 mg. of Fair Trade coffee and is the nudge you need at 2 p.m. to help get you through the day without a trip to your neighborhood coffee joint. (For those 16 and older only.)

SNAP BACK - Spiced Ginger
Fresh ginger root, cayenne pepper, unsulfured molasses, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg lends the highly-popular Snap Back cookie its distinctive yet subtle spicy flavor.

GREAT FULL - Oatmeal with Sweet Potato and Cranberry
Enjoy a vegan cookie that tastes truly sensational with ingredients such as antioxidant-rich sweet potatoes, comforting oatmeal and tangy sweet cranberries which are sure to make you feel satiated and grateful.

TOUGH COOKIE - Peanut Butter Toffee Protein
The peanut-butter and toffee Tough Cookie is more than just delicious; it packs a protein punch with 10 grams of rBST free whey protein to help you recuperate after the gym or marathon kids’ carpool.