Portland Jewish Academy is a beneficiary agency of the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland and is proud of our partnership with them in strengthening our local Jewish community as well as the global community.


Portland Jewish Academy students receive a well-rounded education, which helps them develop into children with character who become tomorrow’s leaders. Our rigorous academic programs foster a love of learning by focusing on both critical thinking and creativity. Each subject, lesson, experiment and field trip is treated as one part of an equation that creates a child who is curious about the world and brave enough to explore it.

Spotlights on Programs at PJA

Coastal Discovery

This week, PJA 5th graders spent three nights at OMSI's Coastal Discovery Center at Camp Grey in Newport. In this beautiful, windswept location they were immersed in a wide range of subjects including wind, water, and waves, survival skills of early Oregon peoples, shark ecology, and a day of student-driven research.

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October 15th was a historic day at PJA. It was the first time we gathered as a school community on a chag (a festival holiday) in order to provide an authentic, meaningful, and immersive holiday experience for all of our students.  

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Creative Kippot

PJA students wear kippot (head coverings) during Jewish Studies, tefillah (prayer), and Shabbat and holiday celebrations. Most students wear a standard kippah provided by the school, but this year, the 5th grade class really stands out!

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PJA Family Camp

This awesome group of 32 PJA families participated in a wonderful weekend full of celebration, relaxation, learning, and playing together at PJA’s first-ever family camp. What a blessing it was to take a break from our busy lives and the constant distractions around us to connect with one another...

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