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Middle School Reflections on the First Week Back

PJA welcomed 67 Middle School students back to school this week for in-person learning. What a gift it is to have all of our grades back on our campus for full days of learning and playing together! We have marveled at how tall they are.

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PJA graduate Ethan Berkson-Klaus (class of 2020) started as a freshman at Cleveland High School in the fall of 2020. We got word about some pretty creative and helpful ways that Ethan was staying busy during the quarantine, so we decided to catch up with Ethan to learn more. 

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We are so grateful for the ongoing efforts of the PJA Kehillah Organization headed by co-chairs extraordinaire Sandra Valle and Tsvia Faclieru. Over the past months of isolation, they have worked hard to continue to bring our kehillah (community) together in meaningful ways.

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Student Diversity Retreat

We are PJA Proud of the twelve PJA Middle School students who recently participated in a virtual Student Diversity Leadership Retreat hosted by the Northwest Association of Independent Schools (NWAIS), PJA’s accrediting body.

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Mindful Movements, Mindful Moments

With the understanding that students have a bit less flexibility to move around the classroom and teachers have fewer opportunities to provide spontaneous outside recess, PJA’s Health and Wellness Educator, Blair Borax, wanted to fill the need for brief in-class movement breaks. 

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In-person classrooms

We are so happy to have so many of our students back in the classroom this week! Here are a few of the voices from our community about their first days back on campus.

"I feel so energized after these past 2 days...

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Purim is a holiday that is full of joy and silliness. In Hebrew, we use the term na-ha-fochu to describe this holiday which can be translated as topsy-turvy. Our Purim celebration was definitely full of joy and silliness and topsy-turvy! 

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We know that all PJA students are SUPER, but in first grade, SUPERKID is an official title. Each Friday afternoon, a Little Birdie drops off a note on Morah Jenny's front porch revealing the name of the student chosen to be next week’s SUPERKID of the week.

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