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The Mishkan and Your Kitchen

Kitah Gimel - 3rd grade has been learning about the mishkan. Mishkan is the Hebrew word used in the Torah to refer to the tabernacle, the portable sanctuary that the Israelites carried with them in the wilderness.

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A Kindergarten Lesson for a Difficult Week

The topic in Kindergarten this week was bullying. The lesson was planned before Wednesday’s show of violence in our nation's capital. When adults are spewing hatred, it can be so frustrating for teachers and trusted adults, who are trying to guide children and establish concepts.

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Author Visit

Award winning author Amy Hest made a virtual visit to PJA Lower School on December 3rd - all the way from New York City! Amy Hest has written more than fifty books including the Plum Street series, the Charley books, Remembering Mrs. Rossi and When Jessie Came Across the Sea.

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Book Donation

This week, our stalwart Service Learning Coordinator, Elana Cohn-Rozansky, drove all the way to Mill City, Oregon and back. In her trunk were boxes upon boxes of books to be donated to students who were impacted by the Beachie Creek Fire in September.

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Art in the Time of Covid

PJA artists have continued to demonstrate their flexibility and dedication to their art practice this fall. With the guidance of Art Teacher, Alisa Scudamore, students started the year discussing how artists can create spaces for their creativity in their homes.

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Kehillah Trivia Night 

Twenty PJA families and staff members competed for prizes and glory in the first ever PJA Virtual Trivia night. The event, sponsored by PJA’s Kehillah Organization, was held on November 15. 

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Work for the World Exploratory

With volunteering in the community on hold, the members of the Work for the World from Home exploratory spent first trimester envisioning unique ways to make a difference. While typically we think of service work as being hands-on projects, donation drives or fundraisers, the truth is much of it revolves around education and advocacy. 

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As a part of PJA’s 8th grade Humanities curriculum, students learn about US history, government, and civics. This year's class has been especially engaged and invested in learning about the inner-workings of our government, the electoral process, and the many complex issues which impact our American democracy.

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