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Earth Day

Last week our sixth graders spent part of their Earth Day removing invasive ivy from the fields adjacent to the PJA/MJCC campus. Their science teacher worked alongside them and explained the importance of the work they were doing. Removing invasive ivy improves the health of the trees which improves the health of the planet since trees produce oxygen and sequester carbon. The students had such a good time doing this physical work; they kept asking if they could do it every Thursday.

The activity was a physical display of PJA’s middot (values): our community (kehillah) working together to take responsibility (akhrayut) for the health of our environment (shomrei teva - protecting nature). 

Spotlight on ...


Our PJA Pre-k community is pretty special! In Kim Krikorian’s class what started out as an exploration of the lifecycle of a butterfly turned into a thoughtful conversation about kavod (respect), kehillah (community), and diversity.  

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