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In-person classrooms

We are so happy to have so many of our students back in the classroom this week! 

Here are a few of the voices from our community about their first days back on campus.

"I feel so energized after these past 2 days. Seeing children in the hallways, hearing voices pour out of classrooms, observing first graders organizing a soccer game and building their own fairy garden. Reading a book and hearing live reactions because we are not muted on zoom. Having snack time together as a classroom community. This is school! I feel joyful to be back!!" - Jenny Crego, 1st grade teacher

“Today was amazing. It was perfect. There’s nothing you could do to make it better!” - Ian, 1st grader

"It was so wonderful to see all of the kids in person. We were able to do one-line drawing self-portraits, and seeing the process happen live was special and heartwarming." - Kasey, 3rd grade teacher

“Kindergarteners were buzzing about their new classroom; they were all smiling with their eyes! It was so exciting and sweet to see the Kindergarteners back at PJA with their classmates.” - Celinda, Kindergarten teacher

“After spending so much time learning together at a distance, it was such a joy to be together as a community, and though we are masked and socially distanced, the delight in our classroom was undeniable!” - Susanna, 1st and 2nd grade teacher

“We’re so excited to be back. PJA has done such a great job. In-person school is so much fun.  It is so nice to see our friends and teachers.” - Joint statement by Renana, Rose, Yael, 2nd grade and Fiona, Kindergarten

“It has only been 2 half days of in person school and already there is a noticeable difference in Shiri’s attitude and personality. She’s excited in a new way about learning, jumps out of bed and gets dressed right away and has the biggest smile plastered on her face all day long. It makes my heart sing knowing not only that she’s happy but that she is safe while she’s learning.” - Rabbi Eve Posen

We can’t wait to welcome back our 4th and 5th grade students next week and then our Middle School students next month!

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