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We are so grateful for the ongoing efforts of the PJA Kehillah Organization headed by co-chairs extraordinaire Sandra Valle and Tsvia Faclieru. Over the past months of isolation, they have worked hard to continue to bring our kehillah (community) together in meaningful ways. We have connected with one another through Kehillah-sponsored activities such as virtual trivia night, the creation of class photos, providing support for PJA families who are mourning or struggling with illness, and most recently, a mishloach manot exchange. Mishloach manot are gifts of treats that we send to friends on the holiday of Purim. Nearly 50 families from both the Early Childhood and the Day School program participated in this fun gift exchange and for all of them, it was so special to get a sweet package delivered to their doorstep from a familiar or new friend!

Kehillah Organization has two more exciting activities on the horizon. One is a family volunteer opportunity at The Kindness Farm on Sunday, May 9th. The other is a community-wide art project that will result in a big, beautiful Kehillah Quilt! Details coming soon!

Picture: Shay is opening up the mishloach manot delivered to his family on Purim.

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