Portland Jewish Academy is a beneficiary agency of the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland and is proud of our partnership with them in strengthening our local Jewish community as well as the global community.










Student & Family Handbook

Welcome to our kehillah - community. PJA is a warm and nurturing environment, which embodies our middot - core values and is conducive to learning and personal growth for students, faculty, and staff members alike. We wish you and your child(ren) a fruitful and satisfying year at PJA.

L’ Shalom, 
Merrill Hendin, Principal

Student & Family Handbook

Spotlight on ...

The Cell Campaign Project

Our students and staff recently participated in an important annual election at PJA to determine “The Most Important Organelle” of 2022. As a part of their studies in biology, 7th & 8th grade students learn about cells through The Cell Campaign Project. 

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