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3rd Grade

An integrated winter-themed unit was the perfect way to go into the winter break for our third graders. 

Students practiced a variety of math and language arts skills through the study of hot chocolate. A careful reading of the history of hot chocolate allowed them to work on comprehension and new vocabulary. They created a timeline of the history of chocolate from the use of cocoa by indigenous populations to the creation of the Nestle company. Students worked on fractions and measurements as they compared and contrasted hot chocolate recipes from around the world. They practiced persuasive writing techniques with a short essay answering the age-old question, “Do marshmallows belong in hot chocolate? Why or why not?” Isra’s conclusion is, “I recommend marshmallows in your hot chocolate.” 

Finally, they wrapped up this project in the kitchen making and drinking hot chocolate…with or without marshmallows? You will have to ask a 3rd grader.