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Challah Shaping Party

Last Friday, Middle School students and staff were invited to participate in an optional after school activity of shaping challah together over Zoom. The idea came from two 7th grade students reminiscing about the summer cooking class. They brought the idea for a Friday afternoon challah making class to Mr. Foote, our Middle School Jewish Studies teacher who also taught the summer cooking class. But, as you may know, preparing challah dough takes a lot of time, so they settled on challah shaping, which is the squishy and creative and most fun part anyway!

Mr. Foote shared a challah recipe in advance for those who needed it and everyone had their dough ready to go. About 20 people chose to continue their online school day and join the challah shaping party. There was a wide range of experience - some had never made challah before and some make it every week. Everyone learned something new.

Mr. Foote commented on the class. “I thought part of the fun was everyone bringing different recipes, baking tips, etc. and sharing collaboratively. I was hoping for that, as opposed to 'Mr. Foote teaches you challah,' and it worked!” 

It was a beautiful way to bring in Shabbat as a community. Shabbat Shalom and Shana Tova!

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