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Early Childhood

Holiday celebrations have looked very different in PJA’s Early Childhood program in the last couple of years. Take Purim, which we celebrated earlier this month. Instead of gathering together in large groups and celebrating with carnival-like festivities, we stayed in our class communities and developed new ways to celebrate. In Teacher Adrianne's Pre-K class, the children took the lead in developing their own class-specific Purim celebration. They developed ideas for carnival games based on their own prior experiences. They planned and implemented ideas and then tested them out. Each child took responsibility for running their game and sharing the fun and excitement with their classroom kehillah (community). There is a stronger sense of self when each child sees themself as an important part of their community. There is so much growth when children take the reins of their learning. There is so much joy when we are willing to share our gifts with each other.
  • Early Childhood