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Earth Day

PJA teachers from our Infant/Toddler program, Preschool, and Day School provided great ideas for activities for our students to celebrate Earth Day 2020.

  • Adrianne’s PreK class used natural materials they found outside to make bug hotels - cozy places for bugs to climb in and explore.
  • Art Teacher Sandi used her YouTube channel to demonstrate how to make recycled paper out of used shredded paper in our own homes.
  • Jenny’s 1st grade class designed new ways to represent the Earth through art. Each student drew a unique representation of the earth. They also heard Jenny read a story about energy and then came up with their own ideas for how to conserve energy which they shared on FlipGrid. 
  • Priscilla provided resources to her Toddlers’ class to create art projects and science experiments about climate change, the water cycle, and garden terrariums!  
  • And Harriet’s students in the Living as a Writer Workshop wrote poems to submit to the Eco-School Network’s SPEAK OUT: Youth Earth Day Challenge in which Oregon’s poet laureate, Kim Stafford, will weave lines of student poems together in a new work. 

Even from home, there are so many ways we can celebrate and sustain planet Earth.



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