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Garden Club

We are so excited to celebrate that the Junior Garden Club is officially up and running! This week, six amazing fourth-graders and four wonderful fifth-graders came out to the PJA garden with their masks and gardening gloves on, to help bring this growing space and learning community back to life. Together, participants weeded and pulled old summer plants, planted seeds, and each student took their own little harvest buckets home for dinner. 

Abbi (4th grade) is really glad she joined the garden club. As she said, “You might get a bit dirty but that’s a part of Garden Club! They let me harvest whatever food I wanted that was in the flower bed. And I met a few new people that were not in my grade!”  

Mason (5th grade) joined the club because he wanted to be with his friends and is hoping for more opportunities to be together at school. “I feel like school should go back because this was so safe and fun. I also got good vegetables that we cooked.” 

Over the next few weeks, the garden club will continue to get their hands dirty while planting fall crops and enjoying each other's company.

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