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Lewis and Clark Journey

PJA’s fourth grade class recently completed their study unit on the Lewis and Clark journey. Students work in groups as they “travel” along the path of Captains Lewis and Clark, Sacagawea, and the rest of the Corps of Discovery. Each group writes letters and journal entries, submits scientific drawings and maps, and produces other important work and artifacts to represent their expedition. President Jefferson (AKA Megan Edmunson) oversees their progress toward the Pacific Ocean and awards points for the work produced on the long and difficult journey. 

“Kai is my third child going through the 4th grade Lewis and Clark curriculum at PJA. It might be the same topic that his two older siblings learned, but project based learning puts a whole new spin on it each year. Kai was super excited to be part of his small expedition of students competing against his classmates trying to earn mile points to get his team safely to the end of their journey. This is the most motivated I’ve seen him since the pandemic began. He already made an illustrated slide show that earned his team 10 mile points. He hopes to earn another 10 miles with this replica boat he built. Yes, I’m a proud PJA parent!” - Mark Berkson

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