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Middle School Reflections on the First Week Back

PJA welcomed 67 Middle School students back to school this week for in-person learning. What a gift it is to have all of our grades back on our campus for full days of learning and playing together! We have marveled at how tall they are. We have noticed how hairstyles have changed. And we have appreciated how funny, smart, silly, thoughtful, and exuberant our middle school students are when they are together.  

“Going back in person was really exciting. I've enjoyed being able to socialize with my friends and play 4-square!” - Gabi, Grade 8 

“I'd forgotten how much I love going to work and leaving work each day. And in-between, my day is filled with live interactions with my students - their questions, artwork, poetry, silliness, awareness, empathy, and remarkable resilience. It is so good to be back!” - Harriet Wingard, Humanities Teacher

“It is so wonderful to see the students getting back to class and reconnecting with each other after this difficult past year. Our son, Jake, is completely exhausted by all the interaction and it's a beautiful thing! We're so thankful to all the teachers and staff at PJA for all they've done to provide a safe re-entry back to in-person school.” - Kari Chisholm, Parent 

“I loved seeing groups of students sitting in big (socially distanced) circles outside chatting during recess. They were so happy to be together. It was also super fun to see them working on math problems with pencil and paper. They gave such a focused, earnest effort.” - Jim Juntunen, 6th Grade Math and Science Teacher

“Joy is contagious when we are in the same space. Exuberant personalities can't hide behind little black boxes. Laughter can't be muted with a click of a button. Coming back to PJA in person has been a big joyous breath of fresh air!” - Blair Borax, Health and Wellness Teacher

"Being back at school reminds me of the big family I am apart of! I missed seeing all my friends and teachers, and I’m so glad I’m back!" - Bella, Grade 8

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