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We know that all PJA students are SUPER, but in first grade, SUPERKID is an official title. Each Friday afternoon, a Little Birdie drops off a note on Morah Jenny's front porch revealing the name of the student chosen to be next week’s SUPERKID of the week. The SUPERKID gets a “show and tell” day, a lunch date with a guest of their choice, a free pass to skip a Zoom class or an assignment, and they get to put on a performance for the class at the end of the week. The performance can be anything the SUPERKID thinks they are really good. As Morah Jenny reminds her class, we are all good at something - riding a bike, shooting a basketball, reading a book, doing a magic trick, making others laugh with a good joke, creating a Minecraft Lego tower, anything. Both Superkids, so far, have picked the same special guest....Morah Celinda, their Kindergarten teacher! 

One recent Superkid was excited for a fancy lunch date in which she wore her finest and Jenny and Celinda threw on their own props to make Dov feel extra special. Dov's mom adds, "I wanted to let you know there was a lot of screaming and dancing around when it was revealed that Dov was going to be the SUPERKID of the week! She and Ayelet were watching the screen diligently starting at 2:30 and they were both just so excited to see it was Dov. The girls have so little to look forward to these days (although all in all their lives really are not so bad), that I want to say thank you for creating this exciting energy in our home!" 

The first graders are waiting in anticipation to see who The Little Birdie will pick next.

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