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The Book Fairy

First graders received a surprise visit by the Book Fairy last weekend! What or who is the Book Fairy? The Book Fairy is a magical creature who helps first grade readers get excited about books and determined to read as much as they can. 

First grade is the year many kids learn how to read. For those students who come in reading, there is still lots of work to do around word study, comprehension, fluency and genre study. The Book Fairy notices the effort that all first graders are making no matter where they are in their reading development. The Book Fairy rewards the students with a classroom book and a personal letter that recognizes the hard work they are doing during Reading Workshop. The Book Fairy encourages the students to continue that important work even when it gets tougher as the year goes along. The letter attached to the wrapped book would point out specific things she/he has been watching from afar which really gets the kids thinking...the Fairy MUST EXIST, otherwise how would she/he know that?! 

When we were still in the school building, the package would be discovered on the rainbow chair in the classroom. With students learning from home, the Book Fairy took the extra time and effort to deliver a special book and personal letter to each and every first grade student at their homes. These are “magical” pieces of literature that are cherished by the students.

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