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Vacation Care


Vacation Care Programs

PJA Afterschool offers full-day vacation day care on most days when school is closed for in-services, conferences, seasonal breaks and on some federal holidays. During vacation care days we offer a variety of in-house activities that may include special guests, presentations, theme related movies, special snacks and more! Occasional fun and educational field trips will also be planned on some vacation care days.

Vacation Care tuition package is offered by term (Fall, Winter and Spring) at one or more of our locations. A term-commitment of three months is $100 per month. Individual days may be made available to enroll in at a cost of $56 for current afterschool regular tuition members and $70 for non-members. PJA half-day vacation care is $35. 

These programs may be offered at any of our four locations, depending on overall enrollment and staff availability. If enrollment is lower than 9 children, the day will be canceled or moved to another location no later than one week in advance.

Please refer to our program calendars for 2023-2024 for specific Vacation Care Program dates:

Afterschool at Portland Jewish Academy (Kidscorner & Dragon's Den) Calendar:
PJA Afterschool Calendar 23-24

Afterschool at Glencoe/Forest Park/Odyssey (Kidspace/Kidzone) Calendar:
Glencoe/Forest Park/Odyssey afterschool Calendar 23-24

Vacation Care Hours

Full-Day Care Programs: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm unless otherwise noted

Half-Day Care Programs: 12:15 - 5:00 pm (for PJA students only and only on specifically marked days). Early closures may occur and will be listed on the form.

Late Start Programs at Odyssey: 8:00 am - 10:00 am on designated PPS late start days for K-8 schools. Late Start days are not included in vacation care tuition packages and are only available to enroll in as individual days at a cost of $35 per child.

Vacation Care Fees & Requirements

Fees may be paid by check mailed to PJA or by Credit Card Authorization forms emailed, mailed or faxed to PJA Afterschool Program Emails. Please find email addresses, fax number, and mailing address along with forms by scrolling down.

For families enrolled in the Vacation Care tuition package add-on: No additional charges. A confirmation of attendance form will be required by the due date listed on a form sent out at the beginning of each term.

For families enrolled in before or after care regular tuition packages: $56 per day. You may sign up for individual days by submitting a term request form to your Program Coordinator.

For families not enrolled in our programs: $70 per day. In addition to a request form, we also require a program emergency card: VDP Emergency Card 2023-2024

Terms of Participation

  • Vacation Care Request Forms must be accompanied by any/all necessary fees in full. Credit Card Authorization Forms or Checks are accepted.

  • Request Forms may be turned in at any time, but we encourage families to do so early. These programs often fill up very quickly. If at capacity, we keep a waitlist in the order we receive forms and will reach out to families as spots open up.

  • Vacation Care Tuition Members are subject to loss of spot without refund if confirmation of attendance forms are not submitted by the registration deadline.

  • Cancellation must be made in writing to the Department Director or your Program Coordinator (email is acceptable).

  • Cancellations made more than 7 days prior, 90% of fees will be refunded.

  • Cancellations made within one week of the planned day, 50% of fees will be refunded. 

  • No refunds are applicable to Vacation Care Tuition participants or available to cancellations made the day of, including for illness.

  • PJA Afterschool Department reserves the right to dismiss a child whose behavior is deemed inappropriate, in which case, no refunds will be given.

  • Vacation Care Programs offered in June are not included in any tuition package and do require separate registration as well as payment upon registration.

  • Late start is not included in any tuition package and requires separate enrollment and payment upon confirmation.

  • If PPS or PJA close due to inclement weather, PJA Afterschool will be canceled with no refund. Stay up to date on the PPS Inclement Weather closures by reviewing their website at

  • PJA reserves the right to change or combine sites, or cancel Vacation Care Programs if enrollment is less than 9 children. Enrollment is not guaranteed.

Vacation Program Emergency Card

The Vacation Program Emergency Card is for non-program members only and is required for Vacation Care participation. You can contact your Program Site Director or the Director of PJA-Afterschool Department for further details. If you are enrolled in PJA Aftercare, Before school care, or the Vacation Care Package you do not need to submit an Emergency Card.

VDP Emergency Card 2023-2024 (non-members only)


Once we receive and process your form, we will email you a participation confirmation.

Participation Authorization Forms:

The PJA Afterschool Department must receive a completed and signed form before any child is eligible to participate in any Vacation Day Program. This form acts as your legal permission slip for your child to be in our program's care for the extended hours as well as participate in all planned activities and field trips. Incomplete and/or unsigned forms will be returned unprocessed. If your child is not enrolled in before or after care, in addition to the Participation Authorization Form, we also require a program emergency card: VDP Emergency Card 2023-2024 (Enrollment is not guaranteed.)

Please send participation forms to your program's contact email listed below. Forms may be hand delivered to your Program Coordinator on site. Printed forms may be available on site. Forms are a request for care and we fill to capacity on a first come, first served basis. You will receive a written confirmation if we're able to accommodate your request.

Email and Phone Contacts:

Forest Park:; 503-936-0845
Glencoe:; 503-708-1842
Odyssey:; 503-708-0951
PJA:; 503-724-3296

Questions can be directed to Program Coordinators at the above emails and phone numbers, or to the Department Director Sean Bartlett - 503-535-3546

**Forms are considered incomplete without your signature. Please do not return incomplete forms as they will be returned to you unprocessed which may result in losing your space in the program.