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Early Childhood



At PJA we value each child as an individual who learns in a multitude of ways. Our early childhood programs provide welcoming and inclusive settings that recognize children’s diverse abilities, interests, needs, and learning styles.

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Our Expanding Buddy Program

PJA has had a special buddy program for our Middle School students and our K-2 students for many years. Many students would say that getting to know their younger or older buddies was one of the highlights of their PJA experience. 

Early Childhood

Holiday celebrations have looked very different in PJA’s Early Childhood program in the last couple of years. Take Purim, which we celebrated earlier this month...


Our PJA Pre-k community is pretty special! In Kim Krikorian’s class what started out as an exploration of the lifecycle of a butterfly turned into a thoughtful conversation about kavod (respect), kehillah (community), and diversity.  

Early Childhood Summer Program

On July 6th, the quiet hallways of Portland Jewish Academy were once again filled with voices and laughter; as a group of children ages one through four returned to school for PJA’s Early Childhood summer program.

Earth Day

PJA teachers from our Infant/Toddler program, Preschool, and Day School provided great ideas for activities for our students to celebrate Earth Day 2020.