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10 Reasons Families Love PJA


Think for yourself. Work for the world.
PJA’s commitment to teaching students to think for themselves and work for the world is evident in our classrooms, in our curriculum, and in our commitment to community service. 

5,000 Years of Wisdom
Our Jewish Studies classes help students develop critical thinking skills through the study and interpretation of ancient primary texts while asking them to make personal connections and find the relevance of textual themes to their own lives. We encourage our students to ask questions, to engage in respectful dialogue, and to respect differing opinions. 

Engaging Academic Experience
PJA offers a rich academic experience with a focus on project-based learning and collaboration. Our unique curriculum integrates the core subject areas of literacy, social studies, math, and science with Jewish Studies, Hebrew language, technology, the arts, and community service.

Infants - Eighth Grade
We offer programs for infants and toddlers all the way through eighth grade. At every age, students have someone to look up to and someone for whom they are a role model. We offer many opportunities for students to develop relationships across ages and grades.

Caring Faculty 
PJA faculty bring their passion, creativity, and expertise into the classroom and encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning.


Supportive Classroom Environment
Our smaller class sizes allow for personalized attention and differentiated learning. Classrooms are equipped with technological resources, offer flexible seating options, and we provide additional faculty resources as needed. Our goal is to support all learners at PJA.

More Instructional Hours
PJA has 29% more instructional hours in the day than do Portland Public Schools.


Everyone is Welcome
PJA is an inclusive school that strives to recognize, understand, and honor all of our families. We value the diversity in our community and we continuously work to provide an education for all of our students that is equitable, accessible, and just.

Great Facility
The Learning Commons is the hub of the school and includes an extensive library collection curated by our full-time certified librarian. PJA also has an advanced science lab, three outdoor playgrounds, a Beit Midrash (a spiritual gathering place), a kitchen for cooking projects, two art studios, and a music studio. PJA has a well-stocked maker space that offers students of all ages the opportunity to design, build, and create with a variety of materials and tools including a Glowforge 3D printer. We are also fortunate to share our campus with the Mittleman Jewish Community Center, a beautiful facility with an indoor soccer plex and full-size gym that we use for our physical education classes, a large ballroom for PJA performances and events, and a Kosher cafe that provides lunches for students.

Welcoming and Inclusive Community
At PJA we are more than a school – we are a kehillah (community). We offer families opportunities to learn, celebrate, and participate in community service together.