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10 Reasons Families Love PJA


Providing a Values-Based Education  

"My five years at PJA were some of my most important. PJA really instilled in me a strong love of learning, taught me how to be respectful, encouraged responsibility, and I developed a sense of community and appreciation for the world around me. I was certainly able to begin to shape my identity at PJA."
- Ryan Bernstein (Alum)

Exploring Identity through a Jewish Lens
"Our Jewish Studies program at PJA teaches our students to “stand on the shoulders of giants” while inviting them to be a part of the centuries old Jewish conversation around connecting to and interpreting our ancient texts. At PJA students learn critical thinking skills as they discover their identities, identify their values, and figure out how Jewish learning can help them find their unique voice and lead them to make this world a better place." - Amy Katz (Director of Jewish Life)

Instilling a Love of Learning
“One of the things that I love most about PJA’s teachers and staff, is their ability to foster and nurture a love of learning. I see it every day with my own kids, the way they enjoy the subjects that they are taught, and how they explore things on their own if it is something that piques their interest. PJA has a way of making learning a fun and engaging process which is a gift that will be with them throughout their academic years.” - Galia Peleg (Parent and Hebrew Teacher)

Supporting Diverse Learners
“Our family has been at PJA for almost a decade. We have three children with different personalities and very different needs. PJA found a way to meet each of their needs. Eventually they do grow up and have to leave the warm hug of the PJA community, but they get to keep the feeling forever.”
- Mark Berkson (Parent)

Fostering a Sense of Belonging
“The thing that makes PJA extra special is that the kids are accepted, embraced and welcomed as they ARE. This is a school that makes children feel at home and lives its values with intention and integrity every day. We feel very lucky to send our kids to PJA. - Naomi Harwin (Parent)

Building Confidence and Character
“We are so impressed by the poise and confidence we see PJA students develop. They are learning to be leaders in their community. Whether reading in front of a class, or playing guitar in front of parents, PJA students are encouraged and supported to stand up and be heard.“
- Michelle and Josh Kashinsky (Parents)

Pursuing Tikkun Olam
“Think for yourself. Work for the world. is a guiding principle at PJA. Our young people are encouraged to connect their learning to real world concerns, and to find ways to address the needs they see in our local and global community. Whether it is class projects, school wide donation drives, or volunteer opportunities, PJA’s collective wisdom, energy, and creativity is making a difference in our world!”
- Elana Cohn-Rozansky (Service Learning Coordinator)

Dedicated and Experienced Faculty
“We know that our kids are cared for and nurtured by teachers who believe in the importance of educating and encouraging. It’s the science teacher who pushes her students to explore marginalized voices while also teaching the importance of quality research questions. It’s the many specialists who inspire and engage in creative ways. In a word, it’s the PJA teachers who set the positive tone for the community and who are steadfast in their commitment to making mensches.”
- Mike Khavul and Gina Westhoff (Parents)

Small Class Sizes
“I can definitely say that my 8 years at PJA helped shape me into the person I am today. The small class sizes allowed me to form close relationships with my teachers who were supportive of both my goals in and outside of the classroom. It was a privilege to attend a school where teachers genuinely cared about their students as a whole person.” - Eliana Beard (Alum)

Making Mensches
“At PJA, students are taught to be mensches. They have a responsibility to bring their best selves forward—thinking beyond themselves and their own needs. We have seen how this has positively impacted our own children. We are proud of who they are becoming and know that we have PJA to thank for that. I couldn’t be prouder or more grateful to be both a parent and a teacher in this incredible community.”
- Liz Phillips (Middle School Teacher and Alumni Parent)