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Tuition Incentive Program


Having classrooms full of happy children is one of the best ways for us to ensure a school that’s strong and healthy in every way -- socially, financially and academically. Bringing in more students to PJA is a priority for PJA and contributes greatly to the overall welfare of our school. We know that the single most effective way of attracting more students to PJA is through referral by satisfied families. The PJA Tuition Incentive Program rewards your efforts in attracting more students to share the PJA Experience.

To say thank you and to encourage this continued effort, PJA will issue a check in the amount of $360 for any student personally referred to the school by any of the following (current or former):

  • Students
  • Families (excluding referral of one’s own children)
  • Staff members
  • Volunteers

How the program works:

  1. This program applies to students in PJA’s day school (TK through 8). It does not apply to referrals into PJA preschool, child care or any of our off-site or on-site after school programs.
  2. This program applies to first-time, new students or students who have left PJA and are eligible to return to PJA.
  3. Each student must complete the admissions process and meet the admissions requirements, as determined by the PJA Admissions Committee and Head of School. The applicant must indicate on the application form the name(s) of the person(s) who referred him or her to the school.
  4. After the completion of the student’s second month of attendance, the person making the referral will be contacted by the school to make arrangements for payment of the $360.
  5. If two or more people refer the same student, we will split the $360 evenly between them.
  6. The PJA Student Referral Program does not extend to the following:
    • Siblings of current students (parents enrolling their own children)
    • PJA administrators at the level of director or above
    • Any student who has already attended a PJA open house or come for a tour this year.
For information regarding an application, email our Director of Admission, Sarah Kahn Glass at 503.535.3599