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Do you have to be Jewish to have your child attend PJA?

PJA welcomes students of all backgrounds and faiths. All students participate in the Jewish life of the school, including our Hebrew and Jewish Studies curriculum, celebrating Jewish holidays, and experiencing tefillah (prayer).

What does your community look like? Will our family feel comfortable at PJA?

Our community is a welcoming one that is inclusive and diverse. Our community is made up of a broad spectrum of families, who have different ways to honor faith and culture. Our faculty and staff understand that every student learns in their own way and we strive to support and enrich each child’s learning experience.

What if my child has not studied Hebrew in the past?

We are prepared to assist your child with their Hebrew studies. We offer academic support for children entering PJA after 1st grade who have little or no knowledge of the Hebrew language. Students entering Middle School who have not learned Hebrew before will be in a beginner-level Hebrew class.

Do you offer Financial Assistance?

Yes, Tuition Assistance (aka Financial Assistance) is based purely on financial need. We do not offer merit scholarships. For more information, click here.

Is there a school bus service?

Yes, we offer a subsidized school bus service for families who live on the east side of town. There are three bus stops located in North, NE, and SE Portland. 

Still can't find the answers that you're looking for? Please call our Director of Admission, Retention, and Engagement at 503.535.3599.