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What is a Portland Jewish Academy Education?

PJA is proud to be an inclusive Jewish Community preschool, day school and aftercare program, providing a strong foundation of academics, Jewish values and learning, and community service. Accredited by the Northwest Association of Independent Schools, PJA faculty and staff remain current in best practices in the field of education and innovation in 21st century schools. We strive to support each student’s social, emotional and spiritual development.

PJA’s child-centered early childhood program, spanning from 6 week olds to pre-kindergarten, is a warm and stimulating environment that encourages learning through exploration, play, and the arts. PJA’s day school prepares students to think for themselves and work for the world. Our project based curriculum offers an integrative approach to Jewish learning, STEAM (Science + Technology + Engineering + Arts + Mathematics) and the humanities. Our students are engaged and love learning. Our graduates excel in high school, college and in life.

Do you have to be Jewish to have your child attend PJA?

No. PJA is a Jewish community day school and we are open to everyone, regardless of faith.

What does your community look like? Will our family feel comfortable at PJA?

Our community is a welcoming one that is inclusive and diverse. Our community is made up of a broad spectrum of families, who have different ways to honor faith and culture. Our faculty and staff understand that every student learns in their own way and we strive to support and enrich each child’s learning experience.

What if my child has not studied Hebrew in the past?

Do not let this be a deterrent. We are prepared to assist your child or children with their Hebrew studies. Many children enter PJA at various grade levels with little to no knowledge of the Hebrew language. PJA offers additional support for children entering 2nd - 8th grade. In middle school, we have a separate class that caters to students who come in with varying levels of Hebrew proficiency.

Do you offer Tuition Assistance?

Yes, we do. Tuition assistance is based purely on financial need, and we do not offer merit scholarships. It is important to us as a school that we support social/economic diversity, so we fundraise in various ways through the year to offer financial support to those who need it. For more information, click here.

Do you help families form carpools? Is there a bus service?

Yes and yes! We can help in connecting our families to each other and encourage ride sharing whenever possible. It’s good for the PJA community and great for our environment.

And, we have a bus service for those who choose it from NE, North, and SE Portland for a very reasonable monthly fee. It is open to K – 8 PJA students. Please call the PJA office at 503.244.0126 for more information.

Still can't find the answers that you're looking for? Please call our Admission Director, Sarah Glass at 503.535.3599. Or come take a tour of the school. We'd love to get to know you!