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Grades 3-5 Curriculum

Third through fifth grade is a time of growing independence, skill acquisition, and abstract thinking. At PJA, we support the natural curiosity of students in these grades through an integrated curriculum that incorporate STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) and social studies skills and concepts. Through authentic explorations and making use of the resources of the Learning Commons and Makerspace, and through their work in art and music classes, students develop the self-confidence and research, problem-solving, and engineering skills for academic success in the years to follow.

Our third through fifth grade curriculum nurtures a love of reading and helps students develop comprehension strategies that support their learning across subject areas. In mathematics, students deal with increasingly larger numbers, become more fluent in the basic operations, and develop more efficient strategies for problem-solving and mathematical reasoning. As their Hebrew listening and speaking vocabulary grow, so does their ability to read and write in Hebrew. Each year, students develop a deeper understanding of the major Jewish holy days and learn more of the prayers associated with those holy days and of the morning, afternoon and Shabbat services. They share their learning with a wider audience in plays, STEAM day lessons and other presentations, and serve as buddies to students in younger grades.


Spotlight on ...

Yom Ha’Atzmaut, Israel’s Independence Day

PJA had a fantastic and fun-filled celebration of Israel’s Independence Day yesterday. Knowing our 8th grade students were celebrating the holiday in Jerusalem made the holiday even more special! 

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