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Grades K-2 Curriculum

"We chose PJA because not only do our girls receive a stellar education, but they are learning to be good people in a complex world. The icing on the cake: our family has found a wonderful, supportive community of friends."
- Naomi (mom to Laya in Kindergarten and Renana in 3rd grade)


For children, the years between kindergarten and second grade are a time of tremendous growth. During these years, students develop a strong sense of themselves as part of a classroom family while also becoming increasingly independent learners and self-starters. K-2 teachers create a student-centered environment, with a focus on reading, writing, and math workshops. There is careful attention to differentiation and support of students’ social and emotional development. Students also learn the Hebrew aleph-bet, grow their Hebrew speaking vocabulary, and begin to read and write in Hebrew. They explore their world through units of study that integrate social studies and science concepts, and begin the formal study of Torah. Each year, students go on field trips, celebrate Jewish holidays and festivals, perform in plays, celebrate the publication of the books they write, and spend time with students from their older “buddy” class. Weekly specials include PE, art, music, and library. Social skills, mindfulness, and yoga practices are embedded in the curriculum.


Spotlight on ...

Animals of the Pacific Northwest - 1st Grade

PJA first-grade students have been learning all about native animals of the Pacific Northwest. This integrated unit covered a wide array of skills practice: reading, writing, oral presentation, art, and science.

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