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Kindergarten Reading Time

We are delighted to share with you PJA's 2022 digital Summer Newsletter! If you would like to request a printed copy, please email Lisa Katon here.

If you have any alumni updates to share with us, please contact Lisa Katon at You may also fill out this alumni survey here.

Summer 2022 Newsletter

Our 2021-22 Board of Directors:

Jason Zidell  |  President
Danelle Romain  |  President-Elect
John Emshwiller  |  Vice President
Rich Barker  |  Treasurer
Jonathan Singer  | Secretary
Steven Klein  |  Immediate Past-President
Barry Benson
Joyce Evans
Nadine Gartner
Marni Glick
Naomi Harwin
Michelle Kashinsky
Gail Mandel
Opher Nadler
David Solondz
Tamar Wyte-Lake
Ahuva Zaslavsky

To learn more about our board, visit this page and click on the Board Members tab.

Thank you to the following people who contributed to this newsletter: 

Steve Albert, Blair Borax, Richard Boyd, Sarit Cahana, Elana Cohn-Rozansky, Becky Ewer, Sarah Glass, Merrill Hendin, Anna Hixon, Lisa Katon, Amy Katz, Saul Korin, Kim Krikorian, Matt Rosenberg, Lucy Schwimmer, Molly Sloan, and Nicole Surbaugh.