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Shana Tova!

Shana Tova!
By Sean Bartlett

Shana Tova!

Happy New Year to the entire PJA community! The holidays, especially Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur remind us to pause and reflect on the past year and to plan and look forward to the new one ahead. The past few years have presented great challenges that we have overcome, but there is much to be excited about in the next year. Our community is able to enjoy traditional holiday gatherings in larger numbers than the past three years, we are able to invite families into the school building for more events, and our campus feels more alive.

Reflecting on the past year, PJA was able to emerge from shut downs and distance learning with great success. By the end of the 2021-22 year we were able to host families for outdoor and small indoor activities. Our summer programs were larger and more robust than the past. The beginning of this school year has been one focused on increasing services, adding events back to the calendar, and community building among faculty, staff, students and families.

The sweet apples and honey we share for Rosh Hashanah are a symbol of optimism for a sweet year ahead. Despite the world around us presenting immense challenges and a continuing battle with the coronavirus, we know that as members of a larger community we can overcome these challenges. 

Our community works together, cares for each other, and continues to make sacrifices to maintain a safe and healthy school. We acknowledge the families who have taken time off to care for ill children and family. We congratulate the students who work diligently to catch up or keep up with their peers during isolation. We also thank the teachers and staff who support each other when our colleagues need to stay home. It is these actions that allow me to be optimistic for the new year.

As our weather becomes colder and wetter, our school community would benefit from remembering the lessons of Rosh Hashanah. A sweet year is only possible because of our community. We need to reflect, learn, collaborate, and celebrate each other every day in this new year. 

Shana Tova to all, may you be sealed for a good year!