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Book Baggies and Literacy

Today we are Spotlighting a special first-grade activity coordinated by Safranit Molly, PJA’s full-time, certified librarian. Molly is an essential collaborative partner for teachers in every grade.

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Third Grade City

The third grade teachers at PJA asked their students a BIG question: "What does it mean to 'build our world' and what happens when we build it together?" This question opened up many conversations and led to interesting new questions.

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How To Tackle Disinformation

In keeping with our middot (values) of limmud (study) and akhrayut (responsibility), Matt Rosenberg is equipping our Middle School students with the skills needed to identify online misinformation and disinformation.

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Storm Stories

There were so many stories of devastation, damage, injuries, and frustrations resulting from the winter storms, but thankfully, there were also many stories of resilience, kindness, gratitude, and caring for one another.

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Doves of Hope and Peace

The PJA community returned to school on Tuesday and walked beneath the beautiful installation of our 2023/24 Kehillah community art project. 

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Hanukah Spirit Week

What an eventful week we have had at PJA! We have celebrated Hanukah in so many fun and meaningful ways and added an extra dose of joy each day with a special school-wide spirit week.

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Hillel vs. Shammai

In preparation for Hanukah, 7th grade students debated the merits of lighting the Hanukah candles according to the opinion of Beit Hillel or Beit Shammai.

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