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Our Expanding Buddy Program

PJA has had a special buddy program for our Middle School students and our K-2 students for many years. Many students would say that getting to know their younger or older buddies was one of the highlights of their PJA experience. 

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PJA's First Ever Sukkah Hop

Sukkot was extra special this year at PJA! For the first time, Kehillah organized a school-wide Sukkah Hop. Eleven brave families opened their sukkot throughout the week and welcomed in ushpizin (guests)...

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The PJA Cross Country Team

The PJA Dragons Cross Country Team finished up their season this week with MCL Championships. We were thankful for a very sunny and warm season with only one meet taking place in the rain.

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Sukkot in the Middle School was celebrated in myriad ways with lessons in the sukkah, edible sukkah making in advisory groups, and a special opportunity to reach out to those in need during our t’fillah (prayer) time. 

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PJA Family Camp Weekend

On a beautiful September weekend, 30 families - some familiar, some new faces - gathered at B.B. Camp for PJA’s second Family Camp. Kids roamed free (or mostly free) on a “two-day playdate” while parents chatted, rested, and connected.

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Apple Boats and Honey Pools

Our creative Kindergarten class had lots of wonderful ideas for Rosh Hashana celebrations. Some ideas were truly out-of-this-world and included robots, space travel, and giant vats of honey. Others were a bit more practical. 

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Kabbalat Shabbat at PJA

Kabbalat Shabbat (welcoming the Sabbath) is a special time at PJA. Sometimes we celebrate in large groups with lots of singing, dancing, and joyful energy. Sometimes we celebrate in smaller groups or just with our class.

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Summer Reading Celebration

This past summer’s theme was the final line of Hillel’s quote: “If not now, when?” and challenges all of us to take action.   

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