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Kindergarten Showcase & Learning Celebration

Kindergarten Showcase & Learning Celebration

In place of spring conferences, Kindergarten hosted a beautiful and fun celebration of learning this week. Students shared their personal growth and progress with family members by displaying and describing a portfolio of work that they have done throughout the year. They also produced a video showcasing each student performing or describing something they enjoyed learning.

The showcase video was the most fun to create. First, each student chose a topic to present. Then, the teachers met with students to brainstorm ideas for creating an artifact or a presentation. Once they finalized their idea, they created a planning sheet with materials, drawings, and notes. Students worked on their presentations during centers and workshop times. The final video consisted of independent segments that were edited together by Morah Celinda, with music, titles, and sound effects added later. 

All of the students' planning, reflection, and enjoyment for the activities they chose really put a spotlight on how much confidence and knowledge they have gained, and also highlighted each student's unique personality. The students’ joy and excitement in demonstrating their learning to others was inspiring to all in attendance!