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Purim of Protest

Purim of Protest

PJA's Purim spiel, inspired by our fifth grade studies, written and directed by Kim Schneiderman, and performed by our students, was a fantastic success! The spiel, named Purim of Protest was set in the 1960's and it imagined what would have happened if protest and social action drove the story forward.

As the students reflected, women's rights, the inclusion of marginalized groups in society, and even the effects of misuse of alcohol are all issues that concern us in our world today. Peaceful protest and social action are where it's at! A fifth grader suggested that a fifth mitzvah could be added to the existing four Purim mitzvot (commandments): "accepting people as they are because everyone should be accepted."  

Purim of Protest was the best kind of Purim spiel - one that was entertaining, thought-provoking, and meaningful. May we all continue to work towards positive change in the world!

Guest writer: Jana Hopfinger, 5th Grade Jewish Studies and Hebrew teacher