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Reading Celebrations

Reading Celebrations

As a school, you know you are doing something right, when your students choose reading as a form of celebration. This happens a lot at PJA. Recently, there have been several special occasions that incorporated reading into the celebration - or even highlighted reading as the focus of the celebration. 

In 3rd grade, students earned a class party and chose to have a “read-a-thon” as their celebration. Students arrived at school in their pajamas, with blankets and stuffed animals in tow. They created cozy spaces throughout the classroom to curl up and read alongside their stuffies. Now that’s a party!

When PJA 1st graders learned about International Read Aloud Day which took place in early February, they wanted to participate, too. They invited special guests to come to their class and read books to them all day long! Parents, grandparents, older siblings, and many PJA staff members took part in this special day. 

This morning Middle School Manhigut (student leadership class) hosted the ever-popular "Shabbat Sha-Cocoa.” Students had the option to play games, draw or read while enjoying hot cocoa or apple cider. What a lovely and relaxing way to end the week! 

We encourage you to find yourself a good book to enjoy this weekend. Shabbat shalom!