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Yom Ha’Atzmaut, Israel’s Independence Day

PJA had a fantastic and fun-filled celebration of Israel’s Independence Day yesterday. Knowing our 8th grade students were celebrating the holiday in Jerusalem made the holiday even more special! 

In the Day School, the festivities began with singing Hebrew songs together, dancing to Israeli pop songs, and praying for peace. With the 8th grade students in Israel, our fantastic 7th graders have new opportunities to be the leaders in the school. They did a great job as song and dance leaders alongside Morah Kim and Morah Amy. Later in the day, the 7th graders put together a special shuk (market) experience for the K-6th grade students. This shuk was more like a carnival than a market with booths that offered Israeli experiences: writing a note to put in the Kotel (the Western Wall), a photo booth with Israel-themed decorations, a tent where students were served tea as they sat on carpets, and much more. 

In the Early Childhood program, children enjoyed learning about Israel through a variety of experiences. Toddler classrooms set up a shuk with foods that are typically seen at markets in Israel: pita, dried fruits, and tomatoes. The children were able to shop, taste, and take home foods to share with their families. 

Children made Israeli flags and paraded down the hallways with their teachers leading them in song. Leslie and Debbie's class created a classroom Western Wall and put their own messages inside the cracks. Wherever you went at PJA yesterday, you were bound to see and hear the sounds of a Yom Ha’Atzmaut celebration!

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